Ravishing Sterling Silver Rectangle Wire,Hollow Rubber Tube, and Turquoise Earrings(jewelry tutorial)

Sterling Silver Crescent and Bead Earrings

Supplies NEEDED
3" 4 x one mm sterling silver rectangle wire
20-one 'Λ* head pins
Two turquoise disc beads
1 Vi* 1.seven mm black hollow rubber tube
Two sterling silver ear wires
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-Sally J. Phillips Jewellery Designer
Applications NEEDED
Jeweler's saw or tin snips Safety glasses Tough, flat surface area Awl
Hammer /is" drill little bit
Handheld rotary Resource, flex shaft, or drill push File
High-quality grit sanding pad
Ring mandrel
Rawhide mallet
Two pairs of chain nose pliers
Wire cutters or tin snips Spherical nose pliers

one.Utilize the ruler to evaluate and mark two one Vi’ parts of four x one mm rectangle sterling silver wire.
2Using a jeweler's saw or tin snips, cut the 4 x 1 mm rectangle sterling silver wire into two 1 Vi’ lengths.
3.File Every finish in the 1Vi" rectangle wire items to get rid of any burs or rough edges.
If wanted, You need to use the file to around the finishes on the rectangle wire items. Make use of a wonderful grit sanding pad to go in excess of the world in which you have submitted to clean the sides and take away any file marks.
four.Utilize the ruler to evaluate and mark /*." from one particular close from the 1 Vi’ pieces of rectangle wire and spot a mark in the center from the wire. This is where you'll drill the holes to slide the head pins via.
5.Put on your safety Eyeglasses!!! Put the one Vi" rectangle wire parts on to a tough, flat floor. Area the point in the awl within the mark which you created Vm,' from a single stop from the rectangle wire pieces, and firmly strike as soon as on the top of the awl with a hammer. This could make a pilot gap for drilling holes in the rectangle wire.

Sterling Silver Crescent and Bead Earrings
Chapter five

6.Utilizing a /is" drill bit. drill holes into one end of your rectangle wire parts that has a handheld rotary Resource, flex shaft, or drill press (although nonetheless wearing your protection Eyeglasses!).
seven.Make use of the file or fantastic grit sanding pad to get rid of any burs or rough edges remaining from drilling holes into your rectangle wire parts.
8.Curve the two 1W pieces of rectangle wire into a “C" condition utilizing a ring mandrel and rawhide mallet. If you do not have a ring mandrel and rawhide mallet, use two pair of chain nose pliers. Keeping just one set of pliers in Each and every hand, grasp Every finish of the one Vi* rectangle wire piece Along with the pliers and gently bend the rectangle wire into a “C* shape. Look at both equally on the C-shaped rectangle wire pieces and regulate the curves so that they're related in si2e. Set these apart.
nine.Make use of the ruler to measure and mark the rubber tube into four equivalent items measuring Vm’ Every. Use scissors to cut the rubber tube.
10.Put the turquoise disc bead on to The top pin and add a person V·' bit of the rubber tube, spot the head pin in the gap inside the C-shaped rectangle Men's Rings wire, and then insert another V«" piece of rubber tube.

thirteen. Maintain the head pin with the bead, rubber tube, as well as rectangle wire on it in a single hand With all the wire that you bent pointing towards you. Using the round nose pliers, grip the top of The top pin wire that's pointing towards you and roll it faraway from you (consider turning the ignition key to get started on your vehicle). Release the pliers from The pinnacle pin wire.
At this time, the opening within the loop mens ring at the best of The top pin wire ought to continue to be massive adequate Men's Rings to slip the ear wire on. Once you include the ear wire, utilize the Mens Ring spherical nose pliers to grasp the loop of the head pin wire and roll it Men's Rings shut. You can utilize the round nose or chain nose pliers to regulate the shape of your loop at the highest of the head pin if you might want to.
11. Use the ruler to evaluate and mark /(.’ over the best piece of the hollow rubber tube. With the wire cutters or tin snips, Slice the head pin wire Yu.’ higher than the highest of the hollow rubber tube.
twelve. Use the chain nose pliers to bend The pinnacle pin wire close to the best on the rubber tube at a ninety-degree angle.
fourteen. Repeat these methods for the second earring.

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